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Yoo Seung Ho has clear and beautiful eyes

Nicknamed the “nation’s younger brother,” popular actor Yoo Seung Ho is recently becoming a hot topic for his bright and clear eyes.

Yoo Seung Ho is currently receiving praise for his portrayal of a rich heir named Kim Min Jae in new MBC drama Flames of Ambition. Fans who are enjoying the drama stated that they couldn’t help but notice Yoo Seung Ho’s charismatic eyes as they commented, “Once I see Yoo Seung Ho’s warm eyes I can’t take my eyes off of it” and “During a drama scene where Seo Woo attempted a surprise necktie kiss, Yoo Seung Ho 100% successfully depicted his mixed feelings through his eyes.”

Lasik and Lasek Eye Plus doctor Lee Yong Jae helped explain why the public is drawn to the actor’s eyes, as he explained, “Yoo Seung Ho’s clear eyes gives off the feeling of a bright transparent lake. There have been a lot of people in their 20s who have been wanting lasik and lasek procedures after the influence of Yoo Seung Ho’s beautiful eyes that are currently being compared to the animation character Atom because of its clearness.”

I think Yoo Seung Ho has the eyes and the looks to be envied upon. What do you guys think, does Yoo Seung Ho possess eyes that are worthy of being called “Atom eyes”?

Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo go on a date

Actor Yoo Seung Ho and actress Seo Woo enjoyed a realistic date together.

The “Yoo Yoo Couple” of MBC’s special drama “Flames of Ambition” filmed a scene of happy memories at the Han River.

Photos were revealed on October 29th of top star ‘Baek Inki’ (Seo Woo) and rich heir ‘Kim Min Jae’ (Yoo Seung Ho) enjoying a boat ride together. Seo Woo fit the part of a ‘top star’ with her extravagant outfit and sunglasses, while Yoo Seung Ho looked handsome in a proper suit.

Netizens are curious about the storyline as the love story of the diva and the rich boy starts to heat up.

Seo Woo’s character goes through a sudden transformation when she boldly says, “I’m not interested in your son” to Shin Eun Kyung (played by Yoon Na Young), the mother of Kim Min Jae. Viewers are making many speculations as to how the story will turn out – the 9th episode of “Flames of Ambition” airs on October 30th.

Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho will act together in the movie 'Blind'

The movie that stimulates all five senses, 'Blind' will feature Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho as the main characters; the reason for this selection is because both of them have acting skill and star quality.

The movie 'Blind' is a human thriller that has a unique setting, the only witness of a horrible murder is a person who is visually impaired. Last year, the scenario of this movie won the best prize and top popularity prize in '2009 Hit By Pitch' held by Producer Guild of Korea, due to it's top quality story line and the degree of completion.

Kim Ha-neul will be playing a student of a police academy who has incredibly high sensibility for all her senses except vision and has all the key information for this movie. Yoo Seung-ho will play as the main character who works as Kim Ha-neul's eye throughout the story.

Kim Ha-neul said, “I will show the kind of acting that only can be done when I pour all my energy in. This will not disappoint the film crew and audience. Yoo Seung-ho said, “I was attracted to its light entertainingness just like many Hollywood movies and also happy to work with Kim Ha-neul.”

When all places become dark, the only thing that will shine the way, new thriller 'Blind' will be directed by director Ahn Sang-hoon and released in summer of 2011.

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