Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo go on a date

Actor Yoo Seung Ho and actress Seo Woo enjoyed a realistic date together.

The “Yoo Yoo Couple” of MBC’s special drama “Flames of Ambition” filmed a scene of happy memories at the Han River.

Photos were revealed on October 29th of top star ‘Baek Inki’ (Seo Woo) and rich heir ‘Kim Min Jae’ (Yoo Seung Ho) enjoying a boat ride together. Seo Woo fit the part of a ‘top star’ with her extravagant outfit and sunglasses, while Yoo Seung Ho looked handsome in a proper suit.

Netizens are curious about the storyline as the love story of the diva and the rich boy starts to heat up.

Seo Woo’s character goes through a sudden transformation when she boldly says, “I’m not interested in your son” to Shin Eun Kyung (played by Yoon Na Young), the mother of Kim Min Jae. Viewers are making many speculations as to how the story will turn out – the 9th episode of “Flames of Ambition” airs on October 30th.

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