Friday, October 15, 2010

Photos of Seo Woo and Yoo Seung Ho filming “Flames of Ambition” revealed

The MBC drama “Flames of Ambition” has just started airing, and all the fans are looking forward to seeing Yoo Seung Ho and Seo Woo share a romance on the show.

More official pictures of the two acting as a couple have been released, consolidating their image as cute and well-matched couple.

Seo Woo looks young and pretty in her classy green dress, and Yoo Seung Ho is looking a little more tough with his leather jacket.

The two have supposedly been getting along well on-set despite their age difference.

I thought the age difference was a bit much at first, but it seems like it’s looking a little more natural now. Do these photos make it easier to digest the odd couple?

via @allkpop

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